TNN CODES "7 Core Principles"




Is the Belief in yourself that you can make all things happen. To achieve supreme confidence in yourself you have to keep negative thoughts out by staying positive and always finding the silver-lining in all situations. It starts with believing you are the best regardless of your experience, connections, status, and support that may not be there. Success is 80% mental if you are able to get your mind right everything else will follow. As long as you are not putting anyone down while you exemplify your confidence then it is never to get mistaken with arrogance because true confidence will shine bright and will encourage others to shine bright like YOU.  


Having faith that something is true. When you truly have conviction in something your thoughts cannot be swayed you cannot be persuaded to believe anything else. You become willing to risk everything to remain true to your belief and true to yourself.


Is constantly showing your allegiance and support to a person, place, institution, group or thing. It is having that feeling of love to have a very strong support for and loyalty to something or someone. A person cannot not truly be Committed and devoted to a task and purpose if he or she does not love what it is because dedication requires the willingness to put in time and effort.  



Is the admiration of all good things living on earth. It is the showing of honor to someone or something at high regard. Acknowledging one's feelings, existence, and understanding of each person's individual expectations as you get to know the person on a individual level. Respect is something that we must practice on the regular and use our mistakes as a guide for learning. It becomes the product of our ability to adapt and relate to others in a way that their priorities become important to oneself.  


Is a blessing. Give unto others because oneself has been blessed by the grace of God on earth. It is in the aspiration to fulfill another fellow humans needs by offering one's time, one's talent, and one's treasures. Give from the heart not from a place of guilt or from pressures created by man. Give thankfully, give cheerfully, give according to your heart, and give generously.


 Is being concerned with the human mind, body, and soul more than worldly possessions of material or physical things. Ones main goal and priority is to love oneself and others. True spirituality is knowing that we all are one and makes a conscious effort to fulfill this oneness between all people, all animals, and all living things on Earth.


Is a thorough or dramatic change in one's inner self and behavior. It is the constant improvement oneself in its current world.  One must be first be open to the regeneration of self, cleaning the self of old ways and old habits to become a new transformed person.